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Motivate and educate your group with a session from Donzella! 

As of March 2019, Donzella is now booking for speaking and  consulting engagements across Maryland, DC and Virginia. Please email for more information!


Polish your knowledge

Professional development is critical in all industries, keep your students or staff up to date with a private coaching session from Donzella. Please email for more information

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Let Donzella help you and your team plan your growth and or expansion projects in the assisted living industry. From planning for growth to human resources concerns within your facility, activities and managerial concerns, Donzella's Assisted Living Training and Placement Center is the top choice for assisted living professional development and reaching your assisted living  entrepreneurial goals!


Looking to advance your skill set and set yourself apart from others,  come visit Donzella's Assisted Living Training Center! Now offering CPR classes, Information Sessions, Private Consulting ,Phlebotomy Courses and so much more!  Visit our Classes page for a full course offering for Spring 2019!


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